Her Vadgesty

June 15, 2012

For those who haven’t been following the Fouffe-off®, here’s the context: Michigan state rep. Lisa Brown, apropos of yet another legislative attempt to reduce a woman’s capacity to choose how to deal with things which take place inside her body, told the  Michigan State House chamber that she was glad they were “so interested in her vagina”.

She was subsequently barred from speaking – am bit vague on details  and legislative context – but suffice to say she was penalized for using the word ‘vagina’.

Assuming you’re here via Twitter (and not because you searched ‘VADGESTY’, ‘Fouffe-off®’, or ‘vajayjay’), I think you and I understand why this is an issue. If you don’t, @naomi_mc expresses it perfectly here. In the meantime, I propose Lisa Brown for the position ‘Her Vagesty’. All in favour, say ‘let’s move in to the 21st century’.

Two other things pertaining:

First of all:
Citizens represented by the senator were denied democracy because their representative said a word out loud  Come in, @indexoncensorship.

Second of all (and admittedly tangential, but I thought of it today and I’m in charge of how issues are collated):

There’s a contradiction at the heart of Right libertarian thinking about abortion which isn’t being fully being exploited. In theory, the gun lobby should be #choice’s friend.
Get the government out of my life wrt the right to bear arms(the logical corollary being ‘the right not to bear arms’)
Get the government out of my life wrt the right to bear children (the logical corollary..)

Smartrarses, tell me if I’m wrong in the comments.

Finally — if you’re talking about the public-facing end – it’s VULVA.  Not vagina. I don’t know why we all have a problem with that word, other than the volvo thing.

PLUS I dare you to say vagina or vulva over the weekend, to someone who isn’t your other half. Most vulva-clenching example wins one of my old books with a personal message scratched into the curry stain.

If you are a provider of feminine protection products and would like to license ‘Fouffe-Off’ click here


2 Responses to “Her Vadgesty”

  1. While something similar probably DID happen in Florida, this particular incident occurred in Michigan. (I’m in NC – phew! for once not us! ;-))

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